Fluke LinkIQ-KIT 1.1 Upgrades LinkWare PC and IntelliTone Probe For Faster Cabling Testing

In industrial fluke linkiq , ethernet network and fiber cable testing is key to maximizing the performance of critical network cabling infrastructure. But when complex wiring and switches are in place, finding and identifying the right cable to test can be challenging.

In a new tool from fluke, users get copper cabling testing, switch port identification and connectivity testing (ping) in one easy-to-use device. It qualifies cabling performance up to 10 Gb/s and identifies problems like open, short and reversed pairs. It also identifies unterminated cables and provides wire maps of the cable under test. And it’s Ethernet Alliance PoE Certified for reliable multivendor interoperability.

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What’s more, with the new version 1.1 software upgrade, users can now verify connectivity and response time for up to four key network devices. With a single touch, users can now get the information they need to troubleshoot issues quickly and make the most of their investment in this powerful tool.

The LIQ-KIT also includes LinkWare PC, fluke’s robust reporting software that supports a wide variety of testers and enables users to store results for later reference and to generate reports. The tool’s digital mode allows users to trace data cabling safely on active networks and its analog mode traces voice, audio and video cabling. The IntelliTone probe can be attached for use in either mode, with the thumbwheel enabling the user to select from a number of signal tones for different conditions. It is also compatible with general analog probes.