Goal 360 TV and the Best Self Review

When used in conjunction with the Best-Self Review, Goal 360 TV helps managers create a strengths-based development dialogue that ensures team members are on a full-force growth trajectory. When an employee receives High Fives or Recognition, it is added to their Best-Self Review to highlight the positive impact they have made. In turn, it also provides insight into areas where employees may need further training and development.

With a new interface and a voice control remote, it is easier than ever to navigate your way around TV 360. Whether you’re looking for a programme on iPlayer or your favourite channel, just say what you want to see and your box will find it for you. Or if you’re watching live sport and someone texts you right in the middle of the big moment, just tell your box to rewind 10 seconds and see it again.

Goal 360 TV: Your Ultimate Source for Sports Highlights

As a bonus, Goal 360 customers can now enjoy Sky Sports (football and F1) as part of the package. With the red button functionality now enhanced, it’s easier than ever to watch live sport and hop between different channels when results impact what you’re watching.