What Is Bot Mitigation?

bot mitigation

Bot detection  mitigation refers to a set of security measures that identify and block bad bot traffic. The goal is to prevent attacks that can cause problems for your organization or users.

Defending against bots is essential for many businesses. For example, e-commerce sites often face challenges from bots that try to commit credit card fraud or spam customers with promotional offers.

Malicious bots can also launch DDoS attacks, hoard resources, steal intellectual property (IP), or perform credential stuffing and account takeovers. These threats can damage your business and negatively impact customer experiences.

Advancements in Bot Detection: The Latest Techniques and Tools

Preventing bot attacks requires an automated strategy that is able to sift through large volumes of web requests. This involves analyzing behavior patterns and applying forensic techniques to glean suspicious behaviors such as keystroke rhythms, cursor movements, and speed.

A unified management console that provides visibility into all traffic directed at your web properties gives you the ability to track and monitor your entire bot detection strategy. This helps you manage and automate your bot protection processes to keep operating costs low and protect the integrity of your business and applications.

Advanced bot protection increases performance and availability by dropping bad traffic before it reaches your backend systems. This enables your applications to load faster, reduces infrastructure cost, and improves key metrics such as e-commerce conversion rates and no accounting fraud.

A behavioral and application context-based approach to bot protection allows you to detect and block malicious traffic based on the user’s signature behavior and previous bad behavior. This ensures that only human visitors can access your site and that the software automatically blocks malicious bots before they can affect your users’ experience.