How to Effectively Control Pests in Your Home and Garden

pest control

Pests are the rodents, birds and insects that share our homes and buildings and often cause damage, disruption or health problems.

Pest control companies  can be achieved through exclusion or quarantine, repulsion, physical removal, chemical means, or biological control methods such as sterilisation programmes.

The first step in controlling pests is to identify them and their breeding habitats. You can do this by carrying out regular inspections of the property and looking for cracks or openings that pests might use to enter your home or office.

Make your home hygienic and clean dark, damp areas regularly. This will severely limit the housing options for pests in your home.

Avoid storing food in untidy containers and keep garbage confined to tight-fitting trash cans or plastic or glass jars. Also, fix any leaking pipes, faucets or other water sources to avoid standing water that may attract pests.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control: Finding Companies That Use Safe and Sustainable Practices

Get rid of weeds that are in close proximity to your crops and plants. This will discourage pests from growing there and can help prevent them from causing crop loss.

Maintain a good balance of natural enemies in the ecosystem, such as predators and parasites, to reduce the pest population. These natural enemies are not usually effective as a direct method of pest control but can be helpful when paired with other methods.

Biological methods of pest control aim to introduce pests’ natural enemies into the ecosystem, such as ladybirds in agriculture and microorganisms that kill pests in water. However, these biological methods can be difficult to implement because of the many ecological variables involved.

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