Magic Mushrooms Calgary Becomes a Mental Health Treatment

Whether by visiting a luxury shamanic retreat, a private therapy session or simply self-medicating, many people are finding that the mushroom is transforming from illicit hallucinogen to promising mental health treatment. A growing number of studies have shown positive results using psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in magic mushrooms, to treat everything from depression to chronic pain to PTSD and anorexia nervosa.URL:

The Cultural History of Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

The tiny store in the heart of downtown Calgary is one of several mushroom cafes across the country that cater to people who want to experience psilocybin without the risk associated with illicit drug use. They’re a hit with customers, but it’s unclear whether the small, tinny stores will remain in business for long. A Vancouver-area judge is scheduled to hear a case against them next month, saying the shop’s business licence does not allow it to sell psychedelics.

Laurie Brooks never imagined she would become a passionate advocate for psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, after she used it to alleviate her end-of-life anxiety and cancer-related depression. But she did and now says she feels more alive than ever before.

And while she’s not ready to quit her day job as a professional organizer, it doesn’t seem like that will be necessary any time soon. She’s now a paid instructor for the Canadian Mushroom Institute in Victoria and a member of the Journeymen Collective, a group of self-described contemporary shamans that offers luxury mushroom experiences that meld metaphysics with somatic and mindset training.