Gordon Ryan Needs to Commit to Drug Testing If He Wants to Clear His Name

gordon ryan steriods

Gordon Ryan steroids  is one of the most dominant players in the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has won multiple major titles and his innate talents have made him a household name. Despite being a natural athlete, Ryan is still accused of steroid use by many. He is also prone to health issues such as stomach problems, which makes his case more suspicious.

Recently, the 27-year-old was hospitalized due to a stomach infection that required surgery. He also revealed that he has been struggling with an auto-immune stomach disorder for a while now. This left him looking significantly weakened compared to his usual self. Ryan then shocked fans by posting a photo where he showed off his regained jacked physique. This immediately prompted accusations of him taking steroids once again.

Unveiling the Controversy: Gordon Ryan and the Steroids Allegations

He needs to prove that he’s clean, and that can be done by committing to regular drug testing. This will help him clear his name and fight fairly in the sport.

Brash and controversial has been the Gordon Ryan brand up until now, but he’s going to have to tone it down if he wants to get ahead of the competition. He lacks the charisma of someone like Conner, who was able to build his image around his brash persona. As soon as Gordon starts losing a few matches, his mystique will be lost and people will start to lose interest. This is the reason why he needs to be more humble and agree to regular drug tests if he wants to make it to the top of his sport.