Careers Booster Review

careers boosterCareers Booster  is a company that offers a variety of services to help people get jobs. They provide everything from CVs and cover letters to interview coaching and resume writing. Their prices are also very reasonable and affordable, making them a great choice for job seekers on a budget.

Career Booster offers one-hour workshops on various topics, including building your professional online presence, crafting an effective resume/cover letter, finding employment or internships, developing networking skills and negotiating salary. In these lunchtime and late afternoon sessions, you will receive valuable information and tips from a range of industry experts.

Jumpstart Your Career: Strategies for a Powerful Career Boost

If you are interested in participating in the program, please apply for Career Booster Undergraduate approval through the Recruit Students portal (opens in new window). If you already have an employment opportunity, it is your responsibility to ensure that you continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the program and maintain your status as a TMU student through the term or duration of your position.

To place an order, you simply click the big “Order Now” button on the homepage. Once you have done that, check your email for instructions to schedule a call with your career expert. The website also has a Terms and Conditions page where you can find the Guarantees, which include a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your service. If you have any questions, the website has a live chat feature and email support that is available around the clock.

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