Wetpour Repair

Wetpour Repair

The beauty of Wetpour Repair safety surfacing is that it is incredibly easy to maintain once installed. Regular inspections should be carried out to ensure that any damage is spotted and repaired as soon as possible. This helps to prevent the problem from getting worse and keeps users safe at all times.

One of the most common problems with wet pour surfaces is that the rubberised surfacing can start to shrink around the edges of the area. This can cause a trip hazard and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. We can carry out a quick and easy repair process called a ‘band repair’ which involves cutting the existing surfacing back and then filling in with new wetpour to create a smooth edge. The new wetpour is often coloured in a contrasting colour which adds to the design of the playground.

Wetpour Repair vs. Replacement: Making the Right Choice

Another common problem is that the edges of shapes or designs in the wet pour can pull away from the main surface. Again this can create a trip hazard and needs to be repaired as soon as possible. We can carry out these repairs using the same process as for the band repairs but in a different colour to give a decorative finish.

We can also offer a DIY repair kit for wetpour which will contain all the materials required to make small repairs yourself. This is ideal for schools and leisure centres who want to keep the costs down. Wetpour is a fantastic surface for children’s play but like any surface it can get damaged and requires maintenance.