Long Distance Moving Companies

A professional Long distance moving companies London Ontario can take the stress out of your move by handling all the heavy lifting. They can also help you with unique situations that may arise, such as navigating tight doorways or moving fragile items. Additionally, long distance movers are required to carry insurance that protects your belongings in the unlikely event of damage or loss. This additional peace of mind can be worth the extra cost.

How much does it cost to move a 1 bedroom house UK?

The total average cost of moving services is $300 – $1,500, depending on the extent of the move and the types of items to be moved. For example, specialty items like expensive paintings or fragile antiques can add to the cost. Local moves cost less than long-distance ones, and the number of staff members required will affect the price as well.

Moving companies in London Ontario generally have a minimum service charge of $100 per hour for small moves and $200 for large moves. In addition, there are sometimes one-time charges for things like packing materials, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, cleaning, and disposal services.

To find the best mover for your needs, it is a good idea to get a few quotes from different companies. The more information you can provide, the better the movers can prepare for your move. For instance, they will need to know the number of boxes you have and how much weight each box weighs. It’s also helpful if you can give them the date of your move. This will allow the movers to order the right size truck for you and ensure that they have enough time to load up your belongings.